Good Web Page Design

Creating a good web page design is an everyday task for a web designer but for the rest of the web community this task is a head-ache and a huge problem, unless of-course you decide to use one of the many templates available on-line which in turn help you design a web page that is not so good and the least creative.

On line there are many tutorials that assist you to design a good web page from scratch but the choice is very hard, as a matter of fact you probably don't even need one of those, instead all you need is a good sense of design and an easy to use HTML editor in the likes of Dream Weaver and someone to guide you through the basics.

Simplicity is the key to a good web design for your web page because a web page that is simple is clean, easy to navigate through, and convenient for the human eye. Also for the background it is best to use a light colour and on it a dark text, preferably black text on a white background.

Usage of images should be minimized to just as many as you really need, as too many images in the wrong places will cause the page to load slowly and make it harder for your visitor to find your content.

Make your paragraphs short and your sentences straight to the point. Remove anything that you already said before, and make sure that what you are writing is your own and is also true.

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Web Page Design Software

Web page design software is software applications that help users create a Web site. Web design software applications include Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) editors, image editors and applications used to create Web animations.

HTML editors allow designers to code Web pages without the knowledge of HTML. Some of these software applications have wizards, which make creation of Web sites possible for even novice users. The most popular and powerful HTML editors are Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia DreamWeaver. Free HTML editors are also available and can be downloaded from various Internet sites.

Image editing software applications allow a Web designer to create the graphics for a Web site. Popular image editing software applications include Adobe PhotoShop and Macromedia Fireworks. These software applications do require some training before a new user can use them effectively.

Web animation software applications such as Macromedia Flash allow an animator to create animations for the Internet. These animations are light and load quickly. However, they require a browser plugin to be installed before they can be viewed.

While selecting Web design software it is important to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, the software should support the Operating System. Some software packages are designed for Apple Mac computers and may not be compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system and vice versa. The second step would be to check the quality of Web pages already designed using the software. The software should also have features for checking spellings and broken or missing links on the Web pages. Some software applications also help in publishing the completed Web design on the Internet.

Due to ease of use of and the reduction of the work involved in creating a design, Web design software applications have become hugely popular.

Best Web Page Design

There is a lot of debate when it concerns the best web page design. There are those that think the best business web page design is one filled with all kinds of graphics and data while others will advocate a more sleek and streamlined web page.

My thoughts on this will differ depending on the purpose of the web page. I my opinion the best web page design is a design that will accomplish the page's goal with the least amount cost and time to develop.

If your purpose is to design a web page that is a profile type web page that will be used primarily as an informational web page for friends and family then the best web page design is something that allows you to customize the text and layout of the web page. You will also want to put photos on your web page. This type of web page design can be accomplished with just about any type of web page design program.

Now let's say you want to build a web page that is going to sell a number of different products or services. The best web page design in this circumstance is generally to design a web page with multiple images and scripts. This type of web page design is done with a more advanced web page design program and requires quite a bit of experience.

For those of us who market products as an affiliate the are many approaches to use, figuring out the best web page design can be a bit tricky. One way to accomplish your goal is to create a review web page. This type of web page can be built with many different type of web page design programs. I have found the best web page design program for this purpose is a step by step, point and click web page design program.

This type of web page design program can cut your time in half and keep your cost for each web page down to a minimum. For my money this is the best web page design and if your are inexperience a step by step program will help you get up and running quickly.

As you can see figuring out which is the best web page design really depends on the type of page and what the purpose of the page is.