5 Easy Web Page Design Tips

Do you want to design your first ever website but you want to learn the best practices about it? There are certain web page design tips to guide you. And this article will show you at least five of the most important tips. This will help you to avoid some of the common web design mistakes.

So let us get started with your own quality web design.

1. Think of a color scheme and stick with it.

The usual mistake of many new web designers is that they put so many colors on their design that what they come up with is a virtual color palette that you cannot pinpoint what exactly is the color scheme being used. Early on with your planning stage, come up with at least three color schemes. Some of the common are: blue and white; red, yellow and white; and blue, orange and white.

As you can see white is a consistent color in web design, mainly because it is the preferred color for easy reading.

2. Will your website load correctly and fast?

This has something to do more with the bandwidth usage when people view your website. If your site takes like forever to load, then probably it is either composed of large file sizes or your hosting account is not doing its task in delivering the web pages properly. Test your site first again and again before you officially launch it to the public.

3. Design an easy to follow site navigation.

The common way to present a navigational system on your website is through links to the different pages that are placed on the header section. Actually with usability tests, most web users would automatically look at the header when they want to find other web pages. Therefore unless you want to be maverick with your website, one of the best web page design tips is to include navigation links on the header.

4. Make your links open on a new tab or window.

This is a good practice to do on your web design. When people click on a link on your site and that link points to another website, it would open on either a new tab or a new window. This way your website will still be visible in case the viewer would want to go back to it. Otherwise they would have to type in the URL of your site once again.

5. Do not use too much graphics.

Find a good balance out of using graphics on your website, because if not then it will look and feel very cluttered. There is also a downside to using too much images on your site and that is it will take more bandwidth to load the whole web pages. So limit the number of images and other graphics so you will have a better looking and faster loading website. This will provide better user experience.

These are just some of the web page design tips that you can use on your own website project. Just keep in mind that simplicity is often the key to a great design and also a smooth and intuitive navigation so people can easily find what they are looking for on your site.