Appealing Landing Web Page Design: How and Why to Do It?

A landing page is the web page where the users 'land' after clicking the domain name URL of the website. In most of the cases, it is the home page of the website which is made the landing page but it is not necessary to do so. The other pages can also be made the landing pages of the website. If the SEO activity has been promoting the pages other than the home page, then there are good chances that the visitors might land at some of the non-home pages. The landing web page design shall have the capability to make the visitor to stop, have look around the page, visit the other pages of the site and finally, make a purchase.

So, there are three key objectives which a landing web page design shall achieve. Let us examine what are these objectives and how to achieve these. First, it shall be able to stop the internet surfer from further surfing or hopping over to the next website. It is estimated that the searchers take split second decisions on whether to stay on with the page that they have opened or move ahead. Therefore, the web page design where the visitors would be coming shall be designed in such a way that the visitors are compelled to stay on. The second objective is to make the visitors to explore other pages of the site. To make this happen, there shall be links to all the relevant parts of the site which the visitor would logically think to visit. The third crucial objective is to lead the visitors to make a purchase. This is the most difficult part to achieve and the effective website design can help to a great extent.

Based on these objectives to achieve, the landing web page design shall focus on the following:

1. What the visitors hope to find shall be displayed prominently.
2. The page shall enable faster navigation to all the other parts of the site
3. The text and the pictures shall be placed in a good structural arrangement on the landing web page.
4. All information in which the visitors are least interested shall be pushed down on the page.
5. The content shall be concise, comprehensive and written in an interesting way.
6. Make the banner graphics attractive, capable of stopping the visitors.
7. Do not get the webpage to have confused look. You shall avoid making the website design too colourful or filling every inch of its space with the content or graphics.
8. Incorporate the credibility enhancing features. These can be achieved by mentioning about the awards being won, memberships of the associations, trust seals from independent agencies and also the client testimonials in the text format.
9. Avoid putting in too much information on the landing page which will make it heavy and will take considerable time in loading. Clients may not wait till the loading is over.

A well made professional web page design reduces the bounce rate and increases the conversion rate to make more customers.